KGSP Admissions

1. Undergraduate Scholarship Period and Eligibility

Scholarship Period

5 Years (1 year of Korean language program + 4 years of undergraduate courses)


1. Citizens of participating countries
2. Applicants must have graduated high school as of March 1st of the inviting year
3. Overall GPA during high school must be equivalent to or higher than 80 out of a 100 percentile or top 20%

2. Selection process

1st round of selection: Recruitment and selection of candidates at Korean embassies abroad
* Applicants must apply through the Korean embassy of their home country
2nd round of selection:
Document screening of applicants nominated by the respective Korean embassies
3rd round of selection:
Document screening by the university (only for applicants who have passed the 2nd round of selection)Final results: Announcement of successful applicants after the 3rd round of selection

3. Scholarship Benefits (2016)



Living Expenses

KRW 800,000/month

Resettlement Grant (only once-off)

KRW 200,000/upon first entry into Korea

Completion Grant (only once)

KRW 100,000/upon completion


Actual cost

Korean Language Course

KRW 800,000/quarter (Total amount of KRW 3,600,000)

Tuitition Fees

Admission fee will be paid by the university
Tuition fees will be paid by NIIED
(Not exceeding 5 million KRW per semester)

Medical Insurance

KRW 20,000/month

Excellence in Korean Language Proficiency
(TOPIK Level 5 or 6 only)

KRW 100,000/month
(only for applicable students)

4. Inquiries

Undergraduate In-charge


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